How To Unlock Item Online & Become a Ninja!

how to unlock item’s

1-go to Www.Play.ClubPenguin.Com Or Play It Below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2-click the unlock items online button.

3-log in the penguin that you want to unlock the item’s on.

4-click i have a code.

5-type in the code that you have in empty place for the code .

6-press done.

7-select the items from the treasure book.

book unlocking

and you can even unlock a blue book and alto of coins,and here are the answers of the questions that will be asked to get the items!!

1-go to i have a book.

2-click  on any of the five book and it will ask you a question , if you answer it you will get the items below

it will be like this when you unlock items

you will unlock a book and 1500 coins if you use the codes below

and you will unlock 200 coins from the other book

some answers to the books

Page 6 , Mysterious

Page 7 , Rockhopper

Page 21 , Migrator

Page 25 , Yarr

Page 40 , Waterfall

Page 52 , Deck

Page 80 , Penguin

Page 177 , Puffle

Page 9- Sometimes

Page 35- Misses

Page 38- Scavenger

Page 40- Examples

Page 62- Picture

Page 63- How

Page 64- Fishing

Page 65- Storage

Page 71- Seats

Page 71- Musical

Page 73- Search

Page 75- Tossing

Page 77- Buying

Page 101- Donated

Page 117- Jerseys

Page 118- Squads

Page 140- Breeze

Page 141- Combined

Page 143- Secret

Page 154- Arena

Page 155- Queen

Page 156- Small

Page 169- Start

Page 171- Annual

Page 175- Crown

Page 176- Item

Page 179- Penguins

Page 182- Actions

how to become a ninja

1.first go to the Sensei and get a starter deck to start the journey of ninja’s

when you go the sensei these cards will come for you just click any one

2. Play on the competition mode to earn more experience points.

3-there is two ways to win  1- the first way is to get the same thing in different color three times. and the    2-second way is to get different stuff with different colors.

~ what beats what ~

1-White frigid snow freezes water.

2-Water beats fire.

3-Furious fire melts the snow.

belt wins

all the belt wins to get

5-here are the steps of the belts. the first belt you will get is the White belt till you get to the black.when you get the black belt you can beat the Sensei and become a ninja.

the instructions to be a black belt ninja

6-if you are a ninja you will be able to unlock the secret  ninja hide out .

the dojo hide out

7-after you become a ninja dance to become invisible 🙂



42 comments on “How To Unlock Item Online & Become a Ninja!

  1. Tasko1 says:

    im a ninja now! thanks to you!

  2. sup mimo says:

    i am already a ninja thank “U”

  3. cpcpaino says:

    i hope you like my ninja , unlocking items guide.please comment back

  4. $L!PP!1 says:

    do you want a video of how to unlock a book or code???
    mohd33:No thanks i already have a page how to unlock items.

  5. $L!PP!1 says:

    i wish the blue book did something else then reading (preteand)
    and hold it …
    whats the unlock thingey for? ( the lock thats unlocked on the book corner)
    whoa! that was confusing!

  6. $L!PP!1 says:

    if you buy cp for the ds .. you get acsess to the command room (or use penguinstorm4)
    mohd33:If you buy the Ds game for cp a code will come with it to unlock a certificate and access the command room.

  7. brayden551 says:

    do you know whats the little lock icon , where the blue book is in your invatory?

    p.s. if i or someone else buys the new books , i will tell you the codes :]

  8. brayden551 says:

    hello mohd33…
    i have found 3 codes for the new books at:

    Your welcome!
    Your friend,
    please respond to my emails
    some are from 2008!!

  9. brayden551 says:

    the link i gave you , the codes are in the comments :!

  10. brayden551 says:

    in the next trainer , can you put be a puffle?

    p.s. penguin thunder is my favourite trainer 🙂

    mohd33:I don’t know the Variable to be a puffle 😦 but i will add client side item hacking (Edit items).

  11. billybob says:

    I am a ninja thank you

  12. hattie12345 says:

    Mohd33 Can you add me on your blogroll plz
    My website is called Please visit some time Please

    Keep Waddling!
    Hattie 12345

  13. Mat Yeah says:

    im was already a ninja…

  14. Mat Yeah says:

    cool im already a ninja thank u!!

  15. […] How To Unlock Item Online & Become a Ninja! […]

  16. lazycory says:

    how do u know how mant battles till the next belt??

  17. anonimo says:

    oigan como le ago para que me aparescan varias cosas ayudenme porfa

  18. ema1520 says:

    agregenme porfa soy ema1520 los veo en club penguiin

  19. blazinfire61 says:


  20. timmy6118 says:

    Mohd how did you make club penguin in ur site?

  21. Ronaldbeach says:

    ummmmmmm,cool! i love your site ! I was wondering if you could help me,My websites called advertising sentencee would be good.If you do so please i can send you free banners and clubpenguin posters.Please,,,,,,,I would love that sooooo much, (not beg’in)

  22. adil says:

    come to my wesite

  23. Sav1067 says:

    Hey how do you download penguin thunder
    Sav1067( Cp name)

  24. can u tell me how to get club penguin to load on my site? PLZ

  25. Wacky Guy15 says:

    Im sorry but the book codes were not helpful

  26. Hello180 says:

    Hi. Im already a ninja. Its cool. Ive seen a priview of the snow dojo! theres already a swf file! 🙂

  27. Hello180 says:

    🙂 :heart: ive a seen those icons! 🙂

  28. Hello180 says:


  29. noah verstraete says:

    how do i get my club penguin pic for profile pick?

  30. nasra says:

    wow i really want to get the PENGUIN THUNDER 7.0
    its really awesome but i will ask me dad when we move to a new house
    because I’m getting my own computer!!!!!!
    heres some free codes they never say it is all ready used
    hoped you love the stuff you got!!:D

  31. Billybob says:

    hey I’m gonna tell u to go to zipline its me Billybob go on zipline (if its full TO BAD) if the peeps on zipline go to the Gift Shop and just stand in the circle.
    and i will be there at 8:15 P.M
    wait for me i changed my picture so just go there!!!!
    (if its full don’t go there)
    go to a nother server! see u there

  32. The ClubPenguin Team says:

    hello i see u are trying to get the PENGUIN THUNDER 7.0
    why will u do that i will banned all of u if i find u I’m nasra rock89
    im a mod I’m with the ClubPenguin Team
    but we are the ClubPenguin Team don’t get it i will banned all of u who
    downloads it 😛

  33. i cant go to it,i am not member! says:

    ummmmmmmmmmm im not member i cant go! and i got black belt and the hat

  34. astrajik6778 says:

    i do not understand this

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