Club Penguin Game & Room Names!

Game Names

aqua = Agua Grabber
astro = Astro Barriers
beans = Bean Count
fish = Ice Fishing
cart = Cart Serfer
jetpack = Jet-Pack Adventures
thinice = Thin Ice
waves = Catching Waves
hydro = Hydro Hopper
book1 = My Puffle
book2 = Burnt Out Bulbs
book3 = Lime Green Dojo Cleen
pizzatron = Pizza Tron
roundup = Puffle Round Up
sled = Sled Racing
mixmaster = Mix Master
dancing = Dance Contest
balloon = (In The Fall Fair)
bell = (In The Fall Fair)
feed = (In The Fall Fair)
memory = (In The Fall Fair)
paddle = (In The Fall Fair)
shuffle = (In The Fall Fair)
soaker = (In The Fall Fair)
spin = (In The Fall Fair)
mission1 = Mission1
mission2 = Mission2
mission3 = Mission3
mission4 = Mission4
mission5 = Mission5
mission6 = Mission6
mission7 = Mission7
mission8 = Mission8
mission9 = Mission9
mission10 = Mission10

Room Names

Town = town
Coffee Shop = coffee
Book Room = book
Night Club = dance
Gift Shop = shop
Dance Lounge = lounge
Plaza = plaza
Pet Shop = pet
Dojo = dojo
Dojo Courtyard = dojoext
Ninja Hide Out = dojohide
Pizza Parlor = pizza
Stage = stage
Ski Village = village
Sport Shop = sport
Ski Lodge = lodge
Attic = attic
Mountain = mtn
Snow Forts = forts
Ice Rink = rink
Boiler Room = boiler
Dock = dock
Beach = beach
Lighthouse = light
Beacon = beacon
Forest = forest
HQ = agent
Command Room = agentcom
Box Dimension =
Cove = cove
Cave ( Pool ) = cave
Mine = mine
Mine Shack = shack
Ice Berg = berg
Ship Quarters =
Ship Nest = shipnest
Ship Hold = shiphold
The Migrator = ship
Party Room 1 = party
Party Room 2 = party2
Party Room 3
= party3
Party Room 4 = party4
Party Room 5 = party5
Party Room 6 = party6
Party Room 7 = party7
Party Room 8 = party8
Party Room 9 = party9
Party Room 10 = part10
Party Room 11 = party11
Party Room 12 = party12
Party Room 13 = party13
Party Room 14 = party14


31 comments on “Club Penguin Game & Room Names!

  1. lowrider78690123 says:

    cool thx

  2. flipsikal says:

    you should update this page probably when the new room is comes on CP.


  3. ninja5029 says:

    what about the lab?????

  4. jakjuju says:

    Uuuuhh can i copy some of this from ur site i will give credit to u i promise.

  5. freddiesq42 says:

    what is the card jitsu and cardjitsu fire names

  6. Gold says:

    what is the hackers room via name in cp?

  7. mike says:

    is shucs

  8. sensei says:

    what is rhs island name

  9. daniel says:

    what’s part 14 like?

  10. sam says:

    They don’t load!!!

  11. watsyellow99 says:

    awesome they work thx

  12. tientavu123 says:


    Puffle Rescue=rescue


    VR Room=agentvr
    Everyday Phoning Faculity Test=agentlobbysolo
    Everyday Phoning Faculity=agentlobbymulti
    Hidden Lake=lake
    Underwater Room=underwater

  13. TienTavu123 says:

    and I forgot Recycling Plant=eco

  14. Jack says:

    Here is another one i figured out dojofire NOTE!! IT DOES!!!! WORK I HAVE TRIED IT!!! SO DONT SAY IT DOESNT WORK BECAUSE I !!!!HAVE!!!! TRIED IT

  15. Cp roks says:


  16. Alyassa1 says:

    some don’t load and can u add room id where u go into closet in epf room to the room with the HUGE Television?

  17. awqret says:

    Your website rockz mohd microchip never gives info like this!

  18. Francisco says:

    como lo habro para que entre en club penguin

  19. rojas8947 says:

    nose como se pone para jugarr por que me sale en blanco

  20. Azul400 says:

    one name: party1 its working!

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